Tuesday, January 12, 2016


I walked miles and miles to find me
Oh I walked miles and miles
what I found was you they she he them
But I did not find me

Where was EVE
where was the little girl who loved to sing and dance
where was this lovely girl lost
oh where was she....what happened to her

Then one day a LIGHT shone
A light so Bright...
She could no longer hide and so i found her
I found her in all her magnificence and splendour
There she was just as I had left her
shinning her own light....in her own land...
dancing her way to Freedom

Yes she was exactly what I was looking for
a goddess seated on her sacred throne

She said to me....
Come Eve...merge into my being
I am you and you are me..and we both are LOVE
and so the sacred union happened
we were separate in one moment....
and made whole the next moment

Together we dance the dance of this life
Together we spread love and peace
Together we  burn aflame in our love for each other
This flame is lighting hearts..its lighting up the world
and our flame only burns brighter
Thank You Universe for this SACRED UNION
Thank you Spirit for making us ONE..for we now are an ETERNAL FLAME

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